This is a website edited by Leading Light Communists around the world, to promote the theory and practice of Leading Light Communism. We promote active engagement with the existing Leading Light Communist line-of-march on the comment sections of the articles present, as did the pre-LLCO media cell formation Monkey Smashes Heaven with its WordPress weblog format. The main purpose is engagement with Leading Light Communism away from the “walled gardens” and general toxicity of the Bourgeois World’s social media platforms.

The collective of Leading Light comrades contributing to and editing the content hosted on this website is not affiliated with the group of bloggers currently running the original flagship website “”. We do not follow their leadership politically or organizationally, and they likewise do not follow ours. This does not represent a “split” in the global organization of any kind, as the real LLCO cannot proceed in practice nor recruit real Red Soldiers without the science of Leading Light Communism in command.  There is no split, ongoing polemic, or “Two Line Struggle” with pretenders with no grasp of theory and virtually no practice.

As the theory and practice of Leading Light Communism develops around the globe, this media collective will be there to highlight it for the global public. As Mao Zedong said, “Before you make a revolution, you must first create public opinion.” The heralding of the New Power being built in Asia, Africa, and Latin America showcases a potential New Socialist renaissance arising from the Proletarian World, inspiring the masses to become Leading Lights for a communist world!




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