Use this form to contact us with any questions or comments.  Leading Light Communists are not afraid to answer principled questions and take principled criticisms.

In turn, do not be afraid to contact us.  However, do use common sense and do not discuss anything that you would not want the state to know.  The entire internet is not secure for discussing illegal activity, and we will not entertain messages sent to us that the state could use to repress you.  Be serious.

Also contact us to show material solidarity with Leading Light Communists building New Power within the Proletarian Third World.  We do not have a “one size fits all” solution to donate, such as one PayPal account or cryptocurrency wallet that we publicly promote, in order to add an extra layer of security for donors and recipients.  During our correspondence, we will find the best way to help you help the New Power in its infancy.

Applications to join the Leading Light Communist Organization can be submitted here as well.  If two Leading Light Communist cadre can vouch for the applicant, the application will be reviewed.  Applications will be in essay form, however long or short, and must communicate the applicant’s unity with the Theory and Practice of Leading Light Communism.  In addition, the applicant pledges to uphold the Points of Attention For Leading Light Cadre.

Whether you are a donating in solidarity, someone curious with questions, a serious critic, or a prospective Leading Light Communist comrade, we look forward to reading your message.

Red Salute!