The Mission of the Leading Light Communist Organization

By Jacob Brown

1.  The LLCO currently exists because the world system we live under (led by the G7 countries) is based on exploitation, deprivation, and brutal oppression of the global majority.  This capitalist system cannot be reformed to benefit the global majority, and must be overthrown.  Revolution is the solution.

The rapid decline of the United States empire is under way, the main power behind the G7’s global imperialist system.  The LLCO is committed to ascertaining that the empire is completely defeated, and will never reconstitute itself.

2.  The LLCO supports all who point their spears against the dominant imperialist enemy today, as part of a broad United Front against this global empire.  This includes masses of people struggling against their own neocolonial puppet regimes (People’s Wars, progressive resistance and national liberation movements, etc.), as well as the masses of people defending their own governments from imperialist assault (Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.).

The Leading Light Communists always put forward the interests of the world’s oppressed and exploited majority within this global United Front against empire.  This is because the world’s oppressed and exploited majority have the least to lose from the end of the current capitalist-imperialist global order.

3.  As much as the LLCO welcomes the inevitable collapse of the global empire and the coming of a “multipolar” world, our aspirations for our species are much higher.  We strive for a Communist world, where the principle for global production and distribution is “from each according to ability, to each according to need”.  The global proletariat not only has the least to lose from the collapse of empire, they have the most to win from building a Communist world.

4.  The LLCO’s political work make it a “cadre organization of a new type”.  It involves the exposure of the failure of the existing global capitalist system, the support of the broadest possible United Front in opposition to this system, and within said United Front the promotion of a New Socialist transition to Communism.  We don’t duplicate work within the United Front by trying to be the “One Organization” that does every single task against empire, nor is co-option of other organizations a part of our strategic orientation.

5.  We aim to unite all who can be united, in any viable capacity, to join the struggle against empire and for Communism.  Join with us and let’s dare to struggle and win!

Follow the Leading Light!  Become the Leading Light!  Illuminate the path to a Communist world!