Why Communism?

a re-writing of “Three Main Points” by Bob Avakian in the Revolutionary Worker newspaper


What do we in the Leading Light Communist Organization want people to understand about how we see the world, and how we want to change it?

1. The world is mired in poverty, ecological devastation, imperialist plunder, colonial occupation, terrorism, gendered violence, and genocidal wars where millions are displaced, maimed and killed every year. This is because of the current global system of capitalism, led by the Amerikkkan empire and its First World allies, where the world’s majority suffers for the benefit of a privileged bourgeois global minority. This system is absolutely worthless, and no substantive global change for the better can happen until this system is finally overthrown.

2. We firmly uphold the united front against empire and stand with those resisting its oppression, while pointing out that only the global proletariat is the social force with the least to lose and most to win from this current system’s revolutionary overthrow.

3. We are an organization that strives to correctly speak and act for the global proletariat in their billions, building a New Power that centers the needs of people over profit, and advocating for what is, what has been, and will always be the best way to organize human society — Communism.