Remember the life of Manik Shaha, martyred for speaking the truth

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Manik Shaha was a journalist and activist who fought for the people. He spoke out against the great injustices in our land. He wrote about the great inequalities and sufferings endured by our brothers and sisters. At age 45, his voice and life were ended by a bullet on January 15, 2011 at Khulna City . He was murdered by Islamist reactionaries who misuse the banner of religion to hide their crimes against the people. He was murdered by those extremists who misuse Islam to terrorize our brothers and sisters. Extremist Islamists who use religion to murder and kill others not only terrorize the people, they are the ones who commit the greatest insult to religion. Those who use bullets against their critics are cowards. To use terror proves they have no intelligent response. Islamist extremists have no honor. The same cowardly butchers who killed Manik Shaha are the same ones who betrayed our people in the struggle for liberation. Hokatul jihad is just another face of the criminal traitors who supported the genocidal plot against our people by Pakistan, the United States and the Western imperialists, and their allies. Just as in the past, these reactionaries are funded by reactionary, imperialist powers and their agents. They are funded by the United States, Pakistan, and the Gulf Arab states. They all have the blood of millions on their hands: our sons, our daughters, our brothers, our sisters, our husbands, our wives, our fathers, our mothers. No amount of water in the world can wash the blood from their hands.

True communists, Leading Lights, do not fear criticism because we have truth on our side. Those who use bullets instead of words are cowards who fear the truth. Today we honor the life of Manik Shaha and all those who have been martyred for serving the people. Today we honor all those who dare speak truth to power. We serve the people. We follow the Leading Light of truth. There are not enough bullets to stop us all. No bullet will ever stop the people, the revolution,  the truth, the Leading Light.